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Staff Wellbeing at Chiltern Academy

A core principle at Chiltern Academy is prioritising good mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing as an essential and ensuring that everyone is appreciated and valued equally. We recognise that success is dependent on the diligence, dedication and unique qualities of all. The culture of wellbeing at our school comes from the heart as the leadership is empathetic and truly invested in staff wellbeing.

"All staff have Chiltern Academy have contributed to our vision of staff wellbeing." 

Wellbeing highlights at Chiltern academy include:

  • Deliberate actions taken to lighten the workload of all staff at Chiltern Academy.
  • Weekly Chiltern Champion staff appreciation and termly ‘Thank You’ Cards from pupils.
  • Extensive CPD opportunities both subject and personalised training.
  • Open doors, praising good practise and supportive experienced staff.
  • Shared planning and resources and support for designing curricula.
  • Empowering each other to become the teacher they want to be.
  • High quality shared technology systems.
  • Regular briefings and clear communication for all areas.
  • Regular social events and celebration of personal milestones.
  • Access to refreshments, sports facilities and a comfortable staffroom.
  • Clear routines, deadlines and rationale for tasks including data and monitoring.
  • Flynn time!

Staff quotes 2019-2020

“Any issues can be spoken about openly and freely”

“Incredibly supportive team to work in”

“Helping each other out if anyone is struggling”

“Everyone is welcoming, friendly and approachable”

“Friendly and approachable team leaders”

“Everyone makes a conscious effort to check on each other.”