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A positive and encouraging school ethos is central to the promotion of good behaviour. Rewards are one means of achieving this.

Pupils accumulate conduct points throughout the year, these are rewarded to pupils on a fortnightly basis through their form tutors during form time. The rewards were chosen based on pupil feedback and are adapted based on year group feedback.


Rewards have a motivational role in helping pupils to realise that good behaviour, while being the expected norm, is valued. Integral to the system of rewards is an emphasis on praise, both formal and informal, to individuals and groups.  Our current rewards system includes:

  • Verbal praise, either personal or public, is the most frequent reward given
  • Parents are routinely told of their child’s positive behaviour through informal conversation, the SIMS parent APP, parents evenings
  • During each citizenship lesson staff  particularly look for the skills that are being taught within the lesson, and reward pupils when they see the skills demonstrated
  • Written or verbal communication with home praising high standards of behaviour
  • Subject stamps
  • Golden tickets are awarded for work or behaviour that is way above the expected norm
  • Postcards/letters home
  • Corridor/plasma displays to celebrate excellent effort and achievement
  • Collective or individual praise in assemblies
  • Intra-form competition to celebrate individual successes
  • Assemblies are used to award certificates and for both academic and sporting achievement and positive behaviour
  • Chiltern Champion awarded each week from staff nominations. Chiltern Champions will receive a certificate and will wear a special tie for one week
  • Rewards afternoons for students with top achievement points
  • SLT Afternoon Tea for students with top achievement points
  • End of year activities, which reward high standards, including behaviour
  • ‘Chiltern Academy Celebrates Success’. Headteacher’s breakfast to recognise the students who have made the most progress after data inputs.  This will run alongside Chiltern Academy Mountain Climbers
  • Buddy status
  • Learning leader status
  • Rewards assemblies
  • E-Postcards