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Remote Learning Provision

Please use the guidance below to support your child whilst they are working remotely at home should your child need to isolate.

  • Parents will be contacted by the school explaining how they can access remote learning.
  • Ideally pupils should be logged on to complete remote lessons from 9.00am to 3.30pm. 
  • The timetable for KS3 remote learning can be found in the Google Classrooms. For KS4 they should follow their normal timetable. 
  • Work for KS3 students will be set on the Google Classroom according to the timetable in the Isolation Classroom.Further information on how to use Google Classroom can be found here. 
  • KS4 students will contacted directly by their teachers explaining what work is needed to be done.
  • Expectations and instructions for pupils can be found here.
  • Teachers will be available to contact for support via the Google Classroom or email  and will respond as soon as possible.
  • All home learning lessons will have a main learning activity at the top, a video from your child's teacher with instructions to support their learning and  all pupil work will be acknowledged with praise and feedback will be given.
  • For a full breakdown of how remote learning works at Chiltern Academy and how we are meeting government expectations please click here.


Reminders whilst using Google Classroom - Click below

What do I do if... 

Q: I am not in the Google Classroom?

Please join the classroom using the class codes. These can be found here

Q: I cannot find the register?

Please click on the classwork tab and it will be at the top under the ‘register’ tab.

Q: I cannot find the work for the lesson?

Email your subject teacher or the head of department for the subject you are looking for.

Q: I have forgotten my login information or I am having difficulty logging in?

Follow the steps on this video in the first instance.

Email Mr Pallett. His email address is dpallett@chiltern-academy.co.uk 

Q: I do not have a device at home?

Email: admin@chiltern-academy.co.uk  or call the school reception 01582 310644. We can provide you with a device. 

Q: I am stuck with my learning?

Email your classroom teacher or leave private comment on your work. 

Q: The internet has gone down?

Read a book, go for a walk, do some revision or complete any unfinished work on paper and upload a picture later. Catch up on any missed work as soon as the internet is available. If the problem persists, the school can provide dongles if needed. Please contact dpallett@chiltern-academy.co.uk if you require this support.

Staying Protected - Remote Learning 


Top Tips for Remote Learning