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SIMS Parent App

Easy access to important school information

We have a convenient way to share information with you about your child’s life at Chiltern Academy.

The information that you receive through the app will help you to stay up-to-date with your child's student life as well as support your child's development and progress.

You can access our parent app and website (link to www.sims-parent.co.uk). Invitations will be sent out to parents via email and once you have activated your personalised code you will be able to access the system from a smartphone, tablet or PC – anytime, anywhere.

What you will find in the SIMS App:

  • Important information on your child such as attendance data, timetable and achievement/behaviour data
  • Your child's homework and extracurricular activities
  • Data collection area where you can update or change with ease
  • Immediate access to school term dates and calendar events
  • Your child’s reports

If you have more than one child at Chiltern you will be able to access the information for all your children from the same log on.

Getting started with the SIMS parent APP:

  1. From your smartphone or tablet download the app from Google Play or Apple App store – search for ‘SIMS parent’. From a PC or windows phone, login online at: www-sims-parent.co.uk (link to website as above)
  2. We will send you an activation email which will include a sign up link and a personalised invitation code unique to you. The invitation will be sent to the email address we have for you on our MIS Database. Simply click on this link to activate your account.
  3. You can then log in using your Facebook, Twitter, Google (gmail) or Microsoft (including Office 365) username and password. (You will need to have an account with one of these organisations in order to log on).
  4. If you have any issues or would like to request a new activation email please contact admin@chiltern-academy.co.uk
  5. Please note that your activation email will expire after 14 days if it is not used – please contact the school if you require a replacement after this date.

Video tutorial: SIMS Parent Registration 



Can I use a shared email address?

No. Each SIMS Parent App login is individual and each parent will need a separate login via a separate email account.

What do I need to do if my first registration didn’t work?

Please send your name and email address to admin@chiltern-academy.co.uk we will resend your invitation email enabling you to re-register.

There are so many options at registration, can I use SIMS ID?

No. Unfortunately, the SIMS ID option is not available for parents/carers because it is mainly for member of Staff and Students. Parents/carers should register with the remaining options for example with a Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Twitter account.