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Homework is an important part of the school’s curriculum as it allows students to revise and reflect on the learning that they have been involved in during the day.

It also allows them to complete additional tasks related to individual subjects and gives them the time management and planning skills they will need in further education and employment.

At Chiltern Academy every subject will be asking students to complete homework tasks and the teachers will put the students’ homework tasks on the SIMS learning gateway. Using the app will help your child easily manage the demands of managing their homework and allow parents access to see what homework their child has.

Students and parents will be able to access this from home on either a mobile device or through the SIMS webpage.




Homework at Chiltern Academy will be meaningful and purposeful.  Homework will meet one of these three objectives: 

  • Consolidate, practice or review prior learning
  • Extend or develop upon existing knowledge
  • To prepare for new learning


  • All homework to be uploaded onto SIMS
  • All homework to be given a minimum of one week to complete
  • Homework should be suitable for the individual learners it is being set for
  • Due consideration will be given to the time required to complete the homework
  • A maximum of one piece of homework to be given per week by any one subject