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Chromebooks for Learning Scheme

At Chiltern Academy, our pupils have been using Chromebooks across several subjects. We are delighted with the impact the devices have had on our pupils' learning. Chromebooks have been used in the library, used by pupils for reading tests, assessments and to complete homework. The device is efficient  and compatible for use at Chiltern Academy.

We are delighted to announce that we are launching the ‘Chromebooks for Learning Scheme’ for our pupils at Chiltern Academy. It will be an expectation for every pupil in Year 7 attending Chiltern Academy to use a Chromebook during their lessons at school. We are offering Year 8 and Year 9 pupils the opportunity to purchase a device from the scheme too.

Technology allows learning to be increasingly engaging, increase accessibility of resources and allow teachers to utilise educational tools more efficiently. Pupils having a device at their fingertips enhances learning in the classroom and extends effective learning beyond the classroom too.

We have chosen the Chromebook for our pupils as it is a laptop device with features that make it ideal for use in a school setting. Chromebooks take less than 8 seconds to boot up so time isn’t wasted in lessons. The devices have a long battery life, so the devices can be charged at home and used at school without needing to be charged. The simple technology and easy student-teacher workflow increases productivity. Chromebooks have excellent collaboration tools and work seamlessly with Google Apps for Education and other cloud based applications which all of our pupils and teachers already use extensively.

Following the unprecedented circumstances as a result of the pandemic, the demand for Chromebook devices has increased globally. We have managed to secure a scheme which will supply our pupils with a device. We have obtained packages  that offer competitive pricing to purchase a Chromebook with insurance and warranty . 

The cost of the device via the scheme will include insurance and the suppliers will take care of any repairs or insurance claims. The devices will be set up by our IT administrators to ensure that they are safe and secure for use by young people. The device will be owned by the pupil and will not belong to the school. 

We understand that pupils may have their own devices at home but we are unable to ensure the safeguarding, insurance and uniformity required for use of a device in a school setting. Therefore any devices used must be purchased via this scheme. 

The device available on the scheme is a Lenovo 300e Chromebook. The specifications are as follows;


The package offers competitive pricing to purchase a Lenovo 300e Chromebook with 3 years warranty, 3 years, Chrome licence and configuration. The cost for this device are as follows;


Cash purchase £349.84
12 Months payment plan £31.07
24 Months payment plan £16.64
36 Months payment plan £11.83





The online portal is now open! The details for accessing the portal are as follows;

URL: https://www.tech4learners.co.uk/users/login



Password (same for all):  S3cure02!

Any orders placed by 3rd October 2020 will arrive in school and the suppliers will put the necessary settings on the devices. If you have any questions or queries contact the school  via email admin@chiltern-academy.co.uk.

  Please click on the video below to see how to order a Chromebook

Chromebook Scheme Parental Engagement Powerpoint

Chromebook for Learning Parent Handbook