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Parents Evenings

The purpose of parents’ evenings is for you to meet your child’s teachers and to check that everyone understands the progress your child is making: their strengths and areas for improvement.

Parents Evenings 2023/2024

Thursday 14th September 2023 - Year 11 Targeted 
Thursday16th November 2023 - Year 7 Form Tutors
Thursday 23rd November 2023- Year 9 
Thursday 7th December 2023- Year 10 
Thursday 11th January 2024 - Year 8
Thursday 18th January 2024 - Year 11
Thursday 18th April 2024 - Year 7
Thursday 25th April 2024 - Year 8
Thursday 9th May 2024 - Year 9
Parental engagement at Chiltern Academy is very important.
It is important that all parents attend this evening to discuss your child’s academic progress across all subjects. 

No prior booking slots will be made, a queuing system will be in place for all teaching staff. 
You will have received your child’s report before the night, this will guide you in prioritising appointments during the evening. We will also have a printed copy available for you when you sign in.