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More and Most Able

We believe that all pupils should benefit from high-quality, inspiring, innovative learning which challenges them to push the boundaries of their potential.

At Chiltern Academy we strive to develop divergent, creative and critical thinkers, enquiring minds and resilient learners.

The More and Most Able (MMA) provision at Chiltern Academy supports the school’s drive to stretch and challenge the most able, recognising both current high attainment and learning potential. Chiltern Academy uses this information to ensure that pupils take advantage of a rich, demanding and rigorous provision of learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.

We aim to support pupils academically to accelerate progress and to both raise aspirations and support learners in realising their ambitious dreams. We are diligent to ensure equality of opportunity in terms of access to MMA provision and activities e.g. for targeted ethnic groups and for learners in receipt of the Pupil Premium.

How do we identify MMA pupils?

The MMA cohort consists of approximately 10% of the school’s population and are identified on the school’s MMA register.

The focus of the register will be on academic attainment whilst recognising non-academic potential and achievement. Pupils are identified as MMA based on their high attainment scores or excellence in one or more subjects.

On entry to Chiltern Academy we identify our MMA pupils based on KS2 SATs results and KS3 CATs test scores.

We also identify those who are Exceptionally More and Most Able  (EMMA). These are pupils who demonstrate test scores in the top 1-2% of the national population.

A pupil can also be nominated as being More and Most Able (NMMA) by their teachers at any point in their schooling providing they are demonstrating performance above age related expectations in a particular subject. NMMA refers to learners whose CATs or Key Stage 2 data might be lower but who are nominated by teachers due to their cognitive abilities or teachers’ insight into their potential for high attainment if given the right support, encouragement and opportunities. This may support the identification of disadvantaged learners and those in receipt of the Pupil Premium.

What opportunities are there to support MMApupils?

Much of the provision for MMA pupils is provided within lessons where teaching is rich and subject knowledge is extensive.

However there are a number of enrichment opportunities available to MMA pupils including:

  • The Brilliant Club’s Scholars Programme: a charity aiming to support young people’s progress into highly selective universities. This involves university-style lectures delivered by PHD students followed by the completion of a university-style assignment.
  •  Reading Buddies and Numeracy Ninja leadership opportunities
  • University visits
  • Inspirational speakers from different professions
  • Careers guidance