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In GEOGRAPHY, our curriculum is designed to:


  • exploring the wider world and the variety of unique cultures within it.

  • allowing students to critically analyse the physical processes of the Earth and how human action interacts and is ultimately dependent on the natural Earth.

  • give students the opportunity to complete detailed fieldwork in a variety of locations.

  • equipping students with the knowledge and understanding of the Earth and their place within it.

  • developing students understanding of how the world changes at a variety of scales, locally, regionally and globally.

  • exploring other cultures, nationalities, customs and traditions and allow students to investigate how their own culture fits into the wider world.

  • developing the skills and confidence for students to become active global citizens with a strong understanding of social, moral, economic and environmental implications of their actions.

  • creating effective decision makers who are confident and capable to make informed, well evaluated decisions in a range of contexts.

  • creating the future problem solvers of the world. Many of the current and future global issues will be solved by geographers and our students will be leading these initiatives.

  • establishing links between a range of different subjects and career opportunities and how geography is an integral part of wider life, both academically and recreationally.