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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Chiltern Academy is a free school catering for the secondary education of pupils in Luton.

We have created an exceptional learning environment with an ethos which promotes a love of learning. 



The school opened in 2018 in temporary facilities and we moved into our brand new building on Gipsy Lane a year later where we have excellent facilities and up to date equipment to support our pupils in their learning. 

We now have five year groups and have reached our capacity with a cohort of 1200 students. Our success within our first years is well noted within the community and is reflected in our lengthy waiting list. Our first set of GCSE results were stunning with 65% of pupils achieving a strong pass of 9-5 in English and maths and 81% of pupils achieving the standard pass of 9-4 in English and maths. These results were the highest in Luton and second highest across the whole county.

Our curriculum subjects are knowledge-rich, whilst helping pupils to develop a skill-set that prepares them for life in the 21st century.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is academically rigorous and encourages the in depth study of a wide range of subjects, preparing our pupils for further study in KS4. Our curriculum subjects are knowledge-rich, whilst helping pupils to develop a skill-set that prepares them for life in the 21st century. We value both academic scholarship as well as creativity through our EBACC subjects as well as our practical subjects which include Performing Arts, Computer Science, Physical Education and, our specialism Engineering. Our learning environments are positive and purposeful and pupils feel safe to ask questions, express themselves and think outside of the box. We strongly value the concept of a growth mindset and are keen to ensure that there is no ceiling for the learning of our pupils. As a result, we ensure that our curriculum provision is accessible to all abilities.

To extend learning further and raise aspiration, our provision extends beyond the classroom through an array of enrichment opportunities that we have to offer. We have an exceptionally high number of extra-curricular clubs on offer to appeal to the diverse interests and skills of our pupils. We also participate in academic programmes such as the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme and extend learning further through educational visits. We have a vast number of sports teams and pupils participate in a lot of charity work to support the community.

We aim to maximise the potential of all pupils

At Chiltern Academy we celebrate the diverse culture of our school community and are committed to supporting every child with the highest quality provision.  Our commitment to equal opportunities is evident across the school as we welcome pupils from all different backgrounds, cultures and religions. We aim to maximise the potential of all pupils, no matter where their starting point is, with the aim of pupils leaving us as confident, knowledgeable and well rounded individuals who are well-mannered and kind in their actions towards others. We have the highest level of expectations and aspirations for our pupils as we strive for them to achieve excellence in all areas of their school life.

Our strengths lie in the exceptional and collaborative efforts of our staff, pupils, parents and governors, without which, we would not be able to offer the highest quality provision and education for the pupils of Chiltern Academy. Please explore our website to find out more about our school. However, nothing can truly capture the nature of Chiltern Academy more than seeing us in action. If you would like to book a visit to our school please get in touch.