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Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

At Chiltern Academy we are passionate about giving pupils the tools and opportunities needed to be successful at the next stages of their life.  We know that helping young people establish meaningful and aspirational goals is essential to get them ready for the future.

Over the coming years as the school grows we will develop a comprehensive CEIAG programme to ensure pupils receive all of the right support, advice and guidance in helping them to go on to post sixteen education or employment.



 The Gatsby Benchmarks

 The school is committed to delivering on the Gatsby Benchmarks which are:

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance


"To see how the school is working towards meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks please click HERE"

A breakdown of the CEIAG offer for our year groups is outlined below:





Year 7

  • Careers week assembly consisting of: Guidance on choosing a career; an introduction to careers week; an introduction to local labour market information and current vacancies
  • A one hour careers workshop looking at the range of different professions and careers
  • A project during careers week where pupils research a career of their choice
  • A ‘Meet the Professionals’ afternoon giving the pupils the opportunity to meet people from a range of careers
  • Visits to places of Higher Education such as Coventry, Brunel, Bedfordshire and Oxford
  • The ‘Brilliant Club’
  • Year 7 ARUP civil engineering project
  •  Explicit links to careers in lessons during careers week



Year 8

  • A ‘Meet the Professionals’ afternoon where pupils can again, meet people from a range of careers
  • A project during careers week where pupils research a career of their choice
  • A one hour careers workshop for pupils to learn and research about suitable careers for them
  • Further visits to places of Higher Education in our aim for all pupils to have a university experience by the end of year 9
  • Attendance at WorldSkills Live where pupils can experience meeting professionals and career advisors from a range of industries
  • Explicit links to careers in lessons during careers week

 Labour Market Information

As a school we are regularly sent information about vacancies and opportunities advertised and available in the local area.  This information will be shared here so that parents and students can gain knowledge into the opportunities that are out there.

Click here for the South East Midlands Labour Market Information

Click here to see the degree level apprenticeships being offered in Luton

Information for Employers

We are always keen to work with employers, particularly those in the local area. If you are a local business or employer, and would like to work with the school and build a mutually beneficial relationship with the school, please get in touch with our Deputy Headteacher: Christopher Carter:
- ccarter@chiltern-academy.co.uk
- 01582 310644

Information for Parents

Although the pupils are only 11-13 at the moment, we know that many parents will already be engaging with your children on their futures, and rightly so! In an ever changing labour market it is not always easy to know where to get support, advice and guidance. The following websites are useful:

Careers Advice for Parents - https://www.careersadviceforparents.org/
Careers Advice for Parents is a good starting point for careers advice and guidance. It give parents advice on how to get started with inspiring and learning with their teenagers.

The site also offers guidance to parents of children with SEN or EHC plans, providing clear guidelines and other useful links.

Parent Adviser - http://www.parentadviser.co.uk/
Parent Adviser is another handy site, helping parents simplify the confusing process and finances involved in applying to higher education, helping your child choose the right course, league tables and alternatives to college and university. You can also sign up to the Parent Adviser Community and join the forum to discuss issues and share advice with fellow parents/carers.

Parental Guidance - http://www.parentalguidance.org.uk/
Parental Guidance offers clear, concise and impartial information on the post 16 choices available. Led by experienced careers writers and advisers, this website is a helpful guide to parents, with useful articles, news and updates, from preparing applications and interviews to looking at labour market information.

Information for staff

There are a wide range of resources and materials available to staff which can help with planning and leading careers materials in your curriculum areas. The following sites are useful:

Pearson – Resources for careers teachers

Step into the NHS

Barclays Lifeskills – Resources for educators

Target Careers – Careers Lesson Plans

UCAS careers

Our careers leader in school is Deputy Headteacher Christopher Carter. If you are looking into
running any CEIAG events then please liaise with Christopher who has information on previous
experiences the pupils have had, gaps and trends in pupil opportunities, resources and ways to
support your ideas.


Below are some of the photos of our year 7 pupils on the ‘Meet the Professionals’ afternoon:


If you wish to speak to a colleague in school about careers opportunities at Chiltern Academy please email Mr Carter (Deputy Headteacher): ccarter@chiltern-academy.co.uk

Useful websites

The information published on this page is reviewed each term.