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Behaviour and Expectations

At Chiltern Academy, students, staff and parents have fantastic relationships which helps to ensure students make excellent progress and demonstrate outstanding behaviour for learning.

We have very high expectations of students and this is taught to students right from Transition.  Teachers take the time to get to know the students they teach which has a profound effect on the learning environment we promote across the school.

Behaviour is monitored electronically through our ‘Steps to Success’ programme.  Students will receive a grade for ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ work effort but will also be challenged for ‘poor’ or ‘undesirable’ behaviour.  This information is instrumental in the feedback students receive from tutors and head of year who will reward positive behaviour. 

Positive behaviour is role modelled daily through interactions with staff and students.  We take the time to teach students about positive learning behaviours as well as teaching them routines while normalising positive behaviour.  This equips the students with the tools they will need to operate as functioning members of society when they leave school.


At Chiltern Academy we promote an ethos of good behaviour through regular praise and rewards.  We believe that celebrating successes and normalising good behaviour is a great motivational tool to create the positive learning environment we achieve.

While we reward good behaviour, we will challenge and sanction poor behaviour.  We take time to explain sanctions to students and facilitate restorative conversations to enable students to move on in a positive manner with their learning.   

For further details about behaviour for learning at Chiltern Academy, please refer to our behaviour policy below.

Behaviour Policy